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Laykold Portable Championship Tennis Court in Biscayne Blue and Pumpkin colorways. 6 days of tennis . Each evening after the tennis matches the court was protected with a modular surface and turned into a giant dance/disco floor.

Then the protection removed and the court made ready for new days play. Bravo Raymond Sport team. The go to guys for portable championship sports courts for hire.

Life Floor Partnership Press Release


Minneapolis, Minn., June 2, 2021 – Life Floor, an aquatic safety surface manufacturer, and
Rain Drop Products, an inclusivity-focused spray feature manufacturer, today announce a
non-exclusive partnership to bring safety surfacing to the national splash pad market. Rain
Drop Products is the first water play feature manufacturer to offer Sourcewell cooperative
purchasing with an NSF certified aquatic safety surface. Together, the companies are
committed to making water play accessible to everyone.

“We are excited to make Life Floor our recommended aquatic safety surface as part of our
inclusive product offerings through the Sourcewell contract. Now, we finally have an aquatic
surface that we can stand behind to deliver safety and great design. And with NSF
certification, our customers can trust they are investing in a surface that serves all their
safety needs.”

Mark Williams, Rain Drop Products CEO
The partnership emphasizes the aquatic industry’s progress towards designing more
waterparks and spray parks using universal design practices. Both companies focus their
design principles around customization to provide accessible spaces for every age and
ability. With Rain Drop Products’ product portfolio of sensory specific features, they believe
adding a slip-resistant, cushioned, and playful surface will complete the inclusive

“It made complete sense to offer Life Floor through the Sourcewell contract with Rain Drop
Products. We’ve had the chance to collaborate with Rain Drop Products and their
commitment to making safe, inclusive products mirrors our mission to creating safe and
beautiful aquatic spaces for everyone. We’re really excited to see how their team utilizes the
custom design capabilities of Life Floor with their custom features. It’s a huge step toward
building more inclusive aquatic play spaces for multi-generational play.”
Jonathan Keller, Life Floor CEO

By winning the Sourcewell contract, Rain Drop Products and Life Floor will be able to offer
their products for the next four years to municipalities, eliminating the lengthy bid process for
their customers. The reputable contract’s ease of use and savings offered will make NSF
certified aquatic safety surfacing more accessible to the larger market as Life Floor is the
first and only surface currently certified.


Life Floor manufactures Life Floor tiles, a foam-rubber flooring system designed for use in
wet areas with barefoot traffic. Created as an alternative to concrete and other conventional
materials, Life Floor is the only safety surface specifically designed and engineered to
perform in aquatic environments. Life Floor combines award-winning safety with
unparalleled design capabilities, delivered by an expert team committed to a world-class
experience for everyone who interacts with their products.
Gwen Ruehle | Vice President, Business Development


Rain Drop Products is a leading designer and manufacturer of children’s aquatic play
equipment with a focus on inclusive aquatic play. Rain Drop Products has been a worldwide
leader in the water play industry since 1985 and continues to strive for inclusion and
innovation through their dynamic product lines. From surface sprays to above-ground water
features, to slides and structures, Rain Drop Products strives to maximize the sensory
experience for children of all abilities.
Mark Williams | CEO/President


A self-sustaining government organization, Sourcewell has over 40 years of dedicated
service helping government, education, and nonprofit agencies operate more efficiently
through a variety of solutions. Sourcewell contract purchasing solutions are competitively
solicited nationally, offering over 400 awarded contracts every four years.

Raymond Kelly
+971 50 644 5062
Arshad Marshall
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Kathy Aryal
+971 4 339 1331


Life Floor – A Bright New Look for 2021

Notice something different? In honor of our ten year anniversary in 2021, we’ve decided to brighten things up a bit! Our company and product offerings have rapidly evolved over the last decade and we’re excited to announce a new logo that’s been refreshed to reflect our long-standing commitment to design.

At the inception of Life Floor, our product line was limited to square tiles in neutral tones meant to mimic natural materials and [n]ever-fashionable concrete. Over the years, we’ve introduced triangles, rectangles, hexagons, themed inlays, and custom cutting to the roster. Our color palette has also been expanded to offer more than thirty different colors. As a result, we’ve largely shifted away from monotone applications of Life Floor to more complex, multi-color tile installations.


While we’ve mixed and matched these options in a countless range of designs, our triangle gradient in particular has become a strong signature look unique to Life Floor. For this reason, it’s celebrated in our updated logo, which remains a symbol of our number one commitment to safety. With this colorful change, we’re enthusiastic that our logo now also reflects our expanded mission to transform aquatic spaces to be more beautiful and inclusive through surface design.

We hope that you join us in our commitments to safety and design as we enter into this exciting new year. Our team is optimistic for brighter days ahead and can’t wait to celebrate a decade of making our industry safer, more inclusive, and more colorful with all of you!

Raymond Sport Dubai Host the First Ever Middle East SMG Demo Day

Raymond Sport Dubai Host the First Ever Middle East SMG Demo Day, in conjunction with AFN and Acoustoscan. 40 Delegates gathered at the conference venue and later, for a practical demonstration, on the synthetic turf playing fields of the Sunmarke School in Barsha Dubai.
SMG World Leaders in the manufacture of equipment for the installation and maintenance of artificial turf demonstrated the iconic ride on Sportschamp with newly developed attachments. Acoustoscan demonstrated their testing smarts showing the delegates how performance metric measurements could change dramatically before and after only a few passes of the Sportschamp. AFN manufacturers of athletic equipment exclusively in aluminum stole the show with their super light weight combo basketball, futsal, handball and 5-A side goal set.

How Design, Play, and Safety Came Together at Westfield

In 2014 the City of Westfield, New Jersey approached Life Floor and MRC to replace their poured-in-place splash pad surface at Westfield Memorial Pool Complex.

The poured-in-place rubber pellet surface was failing, uncomfortable, and slippery. What the city really needed was a true aquatic play surface that worked as a comprehensive solution, combining safety, comfort, and playful design. A surface that would allow kids to move freely, with easier maintenance, and a design the community could engage with and be excited about.

In the earliest stages of our product, we believed Life Floor made aquatic spaces safer to move through, but it was during this project where we confirmed it’s not just the qualities of the product that let kids play more: it’s the design. The product is practical, but it also has to be applied with the potential for joy.

Life Floor’s first design for Westfield combined geometric shapes in Terra Cotta, Bluebird, Sandstone and River Rock, which were the majority of our colors available at the time. After two years, Bruce Kaufman, the now-retired Director of the Recreation Department, said, “The texture has maintained its integrity over the past two summers and the color has lasted. Kids love it, parents love it. It is much more comfortable than what we had before.”

Using Color and Form to Encourage Play

Taking a few long-term to-do’s from this first installation at Westfield Memorial Pool, we were so excited to be able to offer an additional 19 colors to their 2019 design project as well as new installation techniques. In talking recently with Heather Re, Aquatic Supervisor at Westfield Memorial Pool, she affirmed our belief that we should always strive to make a product that operators and designers can create complete play spaces with:

“We love the new colors you guys have added in the last 4 years. We want the children’s area to really stand out, and now we hope to bring the color to the rest of the complex.”

Re was deeply involved in creating the vision for the new 2019 splash pad design. The city’s main objectives were to refresh the space as a way to drive membership sign-ups and to create a beautiful environment where families could share memories on social media.

“We went back and forth a few times with the design. My first thought was to have a kid’s carwash with the entrance into the zero-depth entry. And I thought it would be cool to have a river that connects the two flowing through the pad.”

Our Life Floor Studio department created several rivers for Westfield, but the city wasn’t sure a river design was the best fit after all. So, the Life Floor Studio tried a new take on Re’s idea.

“We saw the octopus design and it was perfect. That’s it! That’s the one! It still had the river feel to it with tentacles mimicking a river…  Even the city admin, who is a much harder sell because he likes things very branded, looked at me and says it’s not even a question, it’s that one. The design was just so fun, it was everything we wanted.”

And with Life Floor’s new installation partners, Inside Edge, the design was truly able to come to life with state of the art installation techniques and customer service. “Your installers are great, I watched the process and everything they did was good and quick! They installed so quickly. If they weren’t completely happy with how a tile was placed they would take the tile up and put down a new one to make sure it was good,” said Re.

Increasing Visitors with Playful Design

Westfield is one of our favorite designs and we’re so pleased to see how a playful design truly impacts the amount of visitors partaking in splash pad play. Recounts Re:

“We get people from all over the tri-state area to see the splash pad because we have Life Floor. When they ask about Life Floor I tell them it’s a soft, safe surface that prevents injuries from happening. And it’s fun! You guys really can do everything for designs. It may cost more because it’s more labor-intensive, but it’ll be safer.”

Tackling health concerns surrounding SBR artificial pitch infill

The world-leading manufacturer of infill for artificial sports pitches has changed the face of the industry by developing a product that eliminates any risk to the health of players and the wider environment.

PRO-gran – launched in November last year – was developed by Murfitts Industries to answer the growing perception of risks to health and the environment from black rubber crumb artificial turf infill.

Founder and Managing Director Mark Murfitt said:

“Although the consensus of the studies about black rubber crumb is that it causes no significant risk to health or the environment, we wanted people to enjoy participating in sport without worrying about the playing surface.”

“A year of research and development later we offer a product that not only eliminates any concern about player or public health, but also creates a more enjoyable playing experience.”

PRO-gran is a Polymeric Infill that is engineered to offer the very best in performance and is safe for players and the environment. The infill combines the exceptional dynamic properties of rubber which is then coated in polyurethane to make it 100% safe.

PRO-gran has been through a rigorous testing programme. Exceeding the EU’s toughest standards that are applied to consumer goods, the infill is safe for people and the environment. It releases no heavy metals, PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) or micro plastics.

With a consistency of play, lower surface temperatures, no aroma and no airborne particulates, PRO-gran gives an unbeatable playing experience. In addition, it is much longer lasting – tests show that it will remain in perfect condition for over 10 years, well beyond the lifetime of a typical pitch.

PRO-gran also improves the look of the pitch for spectators. Not only does the infill reduce splash, but it also comes in green and brown, so the pitch always has the appearance of a well-maintained surface.

Scott Griffin, Club Secretary, from UK Football Club Cirencester Town said “We didn’t expect the crumb on the new pitch to be anything special, but it’s amazing! The players love that they can control the ball as there’s a consistency, no dust and hardly any splashing. It’s great as we are very keen to make sure the pitch is safe and healthy to play on now and for the future. Because of PRO-gran, everyone involved with the club has peace of mind.”

Mr Murfitt added “We have been overwhelmed by the global response to PRO-gran since we launched the infill six-months ago. Not only do we have enquiries in from around the world, but we have already installed a number of pitches. The next PRO-gran pitch to go live is SV Loosdrecht, in the Netherlands, where health and environmental concerns continue to surround SBR and clubs are seeking alternative infills that have been tested to ensure they are completely safe.”

Sujit Tavkar, General Manager of Raymond Sport says, “As the popularity of Synthetic Sports pitches for Schools and Educational Institutes grows, so does the concerns of the system having a negative health impact on players, environment and community. Raymond Sport are proud to have partnered with Murfitt Industries, UK in their endeavor to provide a Safe & Environmentally Friendly infill that particularly for this region has the added beneficial quality of reduced surface temperatures of Sports Pitches.

To find out more about PRO-gran and to download the technical information and test data visit


Hydra’s Synthetic Turf Field Continues to Perform

IMG_5188 (2)Hydra is a small island off the coast of Greece that is a prominent tourist destination that preserves its historical integrity.  The picturesque island features cobblestone streets, charming taverns, and blue-watered beaches.  While tourism brings many people from around the world to Hydra, the island sustains its own municipal population of just under 2,000 residents as well.  Hydra offers a tranquility driven by a ban on all vehicles ranging from cars to bicycles.  A preservation order sustains Hydra’s antique appeal and unique charm.

IMG_5189 (2)

IMG_3302 (2)A few years ago Act Global had the opportunity to construct a professional quality football pitch for the residents of Hydra.  Voted the “most beautiful” field in Greece, the synthetic turf system also offers substantial safety and performance benefits.  The artificial grass is engineered and tested to offer a superior playing surface for the players by offering a surface that is fast under the foot and provide sufficient firmness to limit fatigue injuries to the lower extremities of the player’s body.  The synthetic turf system also provides proper Rotational Resistance (traction) to ensure foot stability and to enable quick release of the shoes during rotation and traction movements.  The surface also maintains consistent and uniform ball-to-surface interaction for superior ball control.

Act Global is committed to bringing the highest quality turf surfaces to people across the world, inspiring health and happiness through the power of active play.

Learn how our synthetic turf is beneficial to athletes. 

FC Cincinnati Set New Season Record Attendance at Nippert Stadium

Cincinnati FC 5 UBU M-6FC Cincinnati might have only begun play in 2016, but the past two seasons have established FC Cincinnati as one of the most successful and most supported teams within the USL league.  FCC holds a captivated and engaged fan base including more than a dozen different support groups alongside casual fans that support the local team’s extraordinary success.  Drawing in almost 500,000 fans to Nippert Stadium throughout the season, FCC broke its single-season record for attendance.

United Soccer League compiled a “Year in Review” for FC Cincinnati that showcased the strong 2017 season. The team ended with a 12-10-10, 44pt record and placed sixth in the Eastern Conference.  The first-class coaches did an excellent job in retaining 17 key players Cincinnati FC 4 UBU M-6from 2016 that helped build a stable foundation for the team going into 2017.  FCC continued to compete at a superiorly high level, dominating not only the USL league but also defeating Major League Soccer teams Columbus Crew SC and Chicago Fire in the U.S. Open Cup national tournament.  While average attendance was over 21,000 per game making FCC the only team in USL to average over 20,000 fans per game, the matches against MLS teams drew up to 33,250 supporters.

The 2017 season ended in October and FCC competed in one payoff match where they lost to the Tampa Bay Rowdies.

Act Global is excited to continue to watch the team grow and excel going into 2018.  The team currently has its home at Nippert Stadium where Act Global’s brand of synthetic turf has been the surface of choice since 2013.  The artificial grass system is engineered for safety and performance and backed by intensive laboratory tests and natural grass benchmarks of top fields to ensure its high-caliber quality.

Cincinnati FC 7 UBU M-6 2

Congratulations to FC Cincinnati on a phenomenal season, and good luck going into 2018!

FIBA 3 x 3 World Tour Final – this weekend

FIBA’s professional World Tour 3 x 3 league comes to an exciting close this weekend at the FIBA World Tour Bloomage Beijing Final at the Bloomage Hi-Up Shopping Mall in Beijing, China.  The top twelve 3 x 3 teams in the world, led by top ranked Serbian squad Novi Sad Al Wahda (sponsored by UAE club), will be competing Saturday and Sunday for $100,000 USD in prize money, all on top of Sport Court’s signature Power Game™ grey (GRY) and granite (GRT) official FIBA 3 x 3 surface.

Below are the rankings of the 12 teams heading into the weekend and you can follow matches live starting at 5PM local time (GMT + 8) both days at

  1. Novi Sad Al Wahda (UAE)
    2. Ljubljana (SLO)
    3. Liman (SRB)
    4. Zemun Master(SRB)
    5. Piran (SLO)
    6. Riga (LAT)
    7. Saskatoon (CAN)
    8. Belgrade (SRB)
    9. Krakow R8 Basket(POL)
    10. Kranj (SLO)
    11. Lausanne (SUI)
    12. Humpolec (CZE)

A collection of photos from the qualifying 2017 World Tour Masters events held from July thru September in various venues around the world is attached to this email…..

Reminder:  the IOC announced in June that 3 x 3 will be an official basketball discipline in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020……