SAWO, Inc. is the first major European sauna company, which has started manufacturing in Asia. Finnish management and key employees in the production guarantee the top quality that SAWO is known for. With the company’s fast growing population of over 300 hardworking personnel and management’s passion to sauna, SAWO offers a lot more exciting things on your sauna needs.

We are one of the world’s largest electric sauna heater manufacturer with the capacity of more than 150 000 sauna heater units per year. In addition, we have wide variety of sauna accessories giving you more enjoyable sauna experience. Nearly every month we come up with new sauna accessory designs to meet the demands of our most demanding customers.

SAWO’s objective is to promote a truly worldclass sauna product without compensating customer affordability for a much more enjoyable sauna.

SAWO is an ISO certified company both in Quality and Environmental Management System.