Life Floor Partnership Press Release


Minneapolis, Minn., June 2, 2021 – Life Floor, an aquatic safety surface manufacturer, and
Rain Drop Products, an inclusivity-focused spray feature manufacturer, today announce a
non-exclusive partnership to bring safety surfacing to the national splash pad market. Rain
Drop Products is the first water play feature manufacturer to offer Sourcewell cooperative
purchasing with an NSF certified aquatic safety surface. Together, the companies are
committed to making water play accessible to everyone.

“We are excited to make Life Floor our recommended aquatic safety surface as part of our
inclusive product offerings through the Sourcewell contract. Now, we finally have an aquatic
surface that we can stand behind to deliver safety and great design. And with NSF
certification, our customers can trust they are investing in a surface that serves all their
safety needs.”

Mark Williams, Rain Drop Products CEO
The partnership emphasizes the aquatic industry’s progress towards designing more
waterparks and spray parks using universal design practices. Both companies focus their
design principles around customization to provide accessible spaces for every age and
ability. With Rain Drop Products’ product portfolio of sensory specific features, they believe
adding a slip-resistant, cushioned, and playful surface will complete the inclusive

“It made complete sense to offer Life Floor through the Sourcewell contract with Rain Drop
Products. We’ve had the chance to collaborate with Rain Drop Products and their
commitment to making safe, inclusive products mirrors our mission to creating safe and
beautiful aquatic spaces for everyone. We’re really excited to see how their team utilizes the
custom design capabilities of Life Floor with their custom features. It’s a huge step toward
building more inclusive aquatic play spaces for multi-generational play.”
Jonathan Keller, Life Floor CEO

By winning the Sourcewell contract, Rain Drop Products and Life Floor will be able to offer
their products for the next four years to municipalities, eliminating the lengthy bid process for
their customers. The reputable contract’s ease of use and savings offered will make NSF
certified aquatic safety surfacing more accessible to the larger market as Life Floor is the
first and only surface currently certified.


Life Floor manufactures Life Floor tiles, a foam-rubber flooring system designed for use in
wet areas with barefoot traffic. Created as an alternative to concrete and other conventional
materials, Life Floor is the only safety surface specifically designed and engineered to
perform in aquatic environments. Life Floor combines award-winning safety with
unparalleled design capabilities, delivered by an expert team committed to a world-class
experience for everyone who interacts with their products.
Gwen Ruehle | Vice President, Business Development


Rain Drop Products is a leading designer and manufacturer of children’s aquatic play
equipment with a focus on inclusive aquatic play. Rain Drop Products has been a worldwide
leader in the water play industry since 1985 and continues to strive for inclusion and
innovation through their dynamic product lines. From surface sprays to above-ground water
features, to slides and structures, Rain Drop Products strives to maximize the sensory
experience for children of all abilities.
Mark Williams | CEO/President


A self-sustaining government organization, Sourcewell has over 40 years of dedicated
service helping government, education, and nonprofit agencies operate more efficiently
through a variety of solutions. Sourcewell contract purchasing solutions are competitively
solicited nationally, offering over 400 awarded contracts every four years.

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Life Floor – A Bright New Look for 2021

Notice something different? In honor of our ten year anniversary in 2021, we’ve decided to brighten things up a bit! Our company and product offerings have rapidly evolved over the last decade and we’re excited to announce a new logo that’s been refreshed to reflect our long-standing commitment to design.

At the inception of Life Floor, our product line was limited to square tiles in neutral tones meant to mimic natural materials and [n]ever-fashionable concrete. Over the years, we’ve introduced triangles, rectangles, hexagons, themed inlays, and custom cutting to the roster. Our color palette has also been expanded to offer more than thirty different colors. As a result, we’ve largely shifted away from monotone applications of Life Floor to more complex, multi-color tile installations.


While we’ve mixed and matched these options in a countless range of designs, our triangle gradient in particular has become a strong signature look unique to Life Floor. For this reason, it’s celebrated in our updated logo, which remains a symbol of our number one commitment to safety. With this colorful change, we’re enthusiastic that our logo now also reflects our expanded mission to transform aquatic spaces to be more beautiful and inclusive through surface design.

We hope that you join us in our commitments to safety and design as we enter into this exciting new year. Our team is optimistic for brighter days ahead and can’t wait to celebrate a decade of making our industry safer, more inclusive, and more colorful with all of you!