Hydra’s Synthetic Turf Field Continues to Perform

IMG_5188 (2)Hydra is a small island off the coast of Greece that is a prominent tourist destination that preserves its historical integrity.  The picturesque island features cobblestone streets, charming taverns, and blue-watered beaches.  While tourism brings many people from around the world to Hydra, the island sustains its own municipal population of just under 2,000 residents as well.  Hydra offers a tranquility driven by a ban on all vehicles ranging from cars to bicycles.  A preservation order sustains Hydra’s antique appeal and unique charm.

IMG_5189 (2)

IMG_3302 (2)A few years ago Act Global had the opportunity to construct a professional quality football pitch for the residents of Hydra.  Voted the “most beautiful” field in Greece, the synthetic turf system also offers substantial safety and performance benefits.  The artificial grass is engineered and tested to offer a superior playing surface for the players by offering a surface that is fast under the foot and provide sufficient firmness to limit fatigue injuries to the lower extremities of the player’s body.  The synthetic turf system also provides proper Rotational Resistance (traction) to ensure foot stability and to enable quick release of the shoes during rotation and traction movements.  The surface also maintains consistent and uniform ball-to-surface interaction for superior ball control.

Act Global is committed to bringing the highest quality turf surfaces to people across the world, inspiring health and happiness through the power of active play.

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