Life Floor – A Bright New Look for 2021


Notice something different? In honor of our ten year anniversary in 2021, we’ve decided to brighten things up a bit! Our company and product offerings have rapidly evolved over the last decade and we’re excited to announce a new logo that’s been refreshed to reflect our long-standing commitment to design.

At the inception of Life Floor, our product line was limited to square tiles in neutral tones meant to mimic natural materials and [n]ever-fashionable concrete. Over the years, we’ve introduced triangles, rectangles, hexagons, themed inlays, and custom cutting to the roster. Our color palette has also been expanded to offer more than thirty different colors. As a result, we’ve largely shifted away from monotone applications of Life Floor to more complex, multi-color tile installations.


While we’ve mixed and matched these options in a countless range of designs, our triangle gradient in particular has become a strong signature look unique to Life Floor. For this reason, it’s celebrated in our updated logo, which remains a symbol of our number one commitment to safety. With this colorful change, we’re enthusiastic that our logo now also reflects our expanded mission to transform aquatic spaces to be more beautiful and inclusive through surface design.

We hope that you join us in our commitments to safety and design as we enter into this exciting new year. Our team is optimistic for brighter days ahead and can’t wait to celebrate a decade of making our industry safer, more inclusive, and more colorful with all of you!