Scandi was founded in 1984 and initially only manufactured & installed traditional Sauna cabins. The development, manufacture and installations of SCANDI Steam Generators and Steam Glass Enclosures soon followed.

In 1995, SCANDI designed and started manufacturing it’s own brand of Vacuum Formed Acrylic Spa Shells & Fibreglass Steam Cabins.

To date, SCANDI is the only manufacturer of Acrylic Shells in the Kwazulu Natal region.

As the market demanded, new products were developed and continuous improvements to existing product ranges were made, and in time, a large range of products have become available. These include:

  • Acrylic Spa Shells
  • Spa pump Stations
  • Steam Rooms
  • Freestanding Modular Fibreglass Steam Cabins
  • Steam Generators
  • Framed and Unframed Glass enclosures
  • Traditional Sauna Cabins
  • Ozone Generators
  • Eucalyptus Dispensing Units for Steam Rooms
  • Auto-Disinfectant Dispensing Units for Steam Rooms