The proven reliable partner in colourful elastic flooring.

Melos is recognized as the market leader in the worldwide supply of coloured granules. Melos® Granules are used all over the world to create robust quality elastic floor systems both indoors and outdoors. Melos® Granules are available in 25 standard colours and in special colours on request.

Thanks to the unique Melos quality and typical physical properties, Melos products are available for an extremely broad range of applications. Special characteristics plus varying hardness and grain size are the result of in-house know-how in formula development and compounding tech- nology. At the same time, we are continuously working to optimize our Melos® Granules to develop new product char- acteristics for improved and wider use.

Safety for every floor    

The flexible Melos® Granules are the answer to all your needs. Melos in a system ensures improved athletic per- formance by reducing physical demands on the athletes. Melos® Granules make the world a safer place to play by providing a surface which as part of the installations meets the critical fall light requirements. In other areas, Melos® Granules are used because of their anti-skid characteris- tics.

Long-lasting elasticity, skid prevention and weather- proofness make for durable, cost-effective flooring systems – which is why Melos® Granules are successfully used in a broad variety of flooring applications, both indoors and out- doors. The granules can be blended to obtain custom colours, offering additional creative scope for architects, park and landscape designers.

Melos offers granules in various grain sizes for different types of floor installation. Whatever the flooring system, the visible top surface made of Melos® Granules is the constant quality factor.