Various Padel Courts are available in the market. It is your decision to choose one that is quality assured and delivered and installed by a competent company. Raymond Sport being in the business for 30+ years is pleased to represent Rigan Sports in the region and supply and install their Padel Courts that are made to European quality standards in Spain.

We build Panoramic Padel Courts for Dubai named PANORAMA PRO and can be either indoor padel courts or outdoor padel courts.


    • Panoramic sides and backgrounds.
    • Upper and low steel beam made in one piece of 10m.
    • Glasses fixed with see-through methacrylate pieces of 200x60x15mm.
    • Approved tempered glass of 12mm thickness.
    • Steel Tube of 100x100x3mm in panoramas area and option of pillar of 80x80x2mm.
    • Artificial turf certified by the Padel Federation. Fibrillated or monofibre in several colours.
    • Injury free system.
    • Lighting support on diagonal, starting from the corners of the padel courts.
    • Halogens 400W or Leds 200W.
    • Painted and oven lacquered, colour at customer choice.