Gold Medal Safety Padding is a tough, resilient padding system providing maximum safety with minimal maintenance that has been used in Personal Safety Rooms and Seclusion Rooms around the world for the last 40 years. It is specially formulated for use in time-out rooms where violent behaviour may result in injury or damage.

Gold Medal Safety Padding is used extensively throughout Police, Correctional and Medical Institutions for the safe keeping of those persons who, through drug or behavioural problems, are assed to be at risk of causing harm to themselves or others, or be destructive to their surroundings.

Gold Medal Safety Padding can be installed in any existing room or be included in new construction.  It can be adapted to fit any style of room.  Standard or split doors, cameras, intercoms, waste grills or sprinkler outlets, can all be incorporated within this product.

​For those rooms that require minimal protection, Gold Medal Safety Padding can be applied to floors or beds only.  This will provide a safe environment for those not classed at risk of self harm.

​We work with owners, Architects and Builders to develop safe environments that not only protect the room’s occupants and the facility staff, but also reduces worker’s compensation injuries and mitigates overall litigation for the facility.