AVANT LTD. is the earliest stadium and retractable seating supplier specialized in sports industry in China. Since the establishment, it has maintained a leading position in the field of sports venues and facilities and it has always been cooperating with the world’s top sports facility brands closely, to provide the high-quality sports facilities for the large-scale professional stadiums, venues, and the sports grounds of all kinds of schools in China and the World.

Their products have passed the most authoritative certification organization and the recognition of the international sports associations, such as:FIFA, FIBA,FIH,etc,to ensure that during use the products can still be in the best condition. Their products including: stadium chair,telescopic seating system, metal structural bleacher.

Spectators throughout the world will now be able to see our products all around in enormous international sports events, such as Beijing Olympic Games, F1 Korea, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games etc. Moreover, we are the exclusive supplier of bleacher chairs of Universal 2011 and Southeast Asia Games 2013