Hollman High Impact Wall Panels are the field tested solution for ultimate durability on indoor squash and racketball sports. Resilient enough to take whatever you can throw at them, Hollman High Impact Wall Panels are the perfect low maintenance product for a professional indoor playing court.


Available mounted directly to the wall, offset with metal channels or installed as a smooth tongue and groove system, Hollman High Impact Wall Panels come in a range of functional, custom and veneer options  and are the perfect choice for high quality, high density and high impact panels.


Hollman’s veneer panels are thermally fused and finished with a speciality zero VOC, UV-cured system giving both superb visual and durability results. 


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Hollman's panels can be applied against the most common types of framework: steel studs, wood studs, and/or steel or wood furring. The panels are set in place with PL400 adhesive and screwed through the base of the top tongue which pulls each panel tight and flush against the framing members. This ensures the smoothest playing surface and tightest seam fits possible. We stagger each row of panels to create interlocking design that is the Hollman trademark of quality. 


Our tournament tested courts are accepted and approved by the American Amateur Racquetball Association, the United States Handball Association and the World Squash Federation. 

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