Pebbleflex and Aquaflex is a durable, safe, low maintenance playground and pool side surfacing option, offering advanced technology for a superior finish.

Developed with advanced technology to better traditional rubber or pour-in products, they are made of millions of tiny spherical pebbles bonded together in a clear polyurethane binder. The result is a resistant, resilient floor built to last.

Pebblefelx is ideal for playgrounds, play areas, pool sides and much more, Pebbleflex meets all safety and accessibility requirements accommodating fall heights of up to 12 feet.

It’s other half, Aquaflex, is ideal for pool sides and much more, Aquaflex meets all safety and accessibility requirements and exceeds OSHA skid-resistance standards.

The high impact flooring withstands cleaning detergents and power washing on a fan setting up to 2,800psi extending the lifetime and original look and feel of the flooring well beyond typical competitors. Built with layers of recycled rubber and foam, Pebbleflex and Aquaflex allow for natural contraction and expansion and water permeation making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Available in a selection of colours for designs of your choice, Pebbleflex can be further reinforced for high use areas and foam thickness can be altered dependant on fall height requirements.