Sport Court for deck hockey in Quebec


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Attached please find some nice photos of Power Game™ recently installed as deck hockey (sometimes called ball hockey) surfaces in Quebec, Canada in colors bright blue (BBL) and mustard (MUS).  And please note option of using separately-colored Power Game tiles to demarcate different sports as an alternative to painting permanent game lines……

Deck hockey is played with regular hockey sticks, but with a ball instead of a puck, and with shoes instead of in-line skates, and is very popular in eastern Canada and central Europe.  While the facilities in Quebec are full-time deck hockey rinks, many ice-hockey facilities switch to deck hockey to continue to utilize their rinks during the summer months, and Power Game is a fantastic option as a portable surface.  We encourage you to approach your local hockey rinks to present this option for summer of 2017!!

Congratulations and many thanks go out to our longtime partners in Quebec, Distribution Sports Loisirs GP for their continuing success and great reference photos……

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